Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Had a nice kind of day off yesterday. Had a lie in till 8.30 which makes a super nice change to the alarm going off at 630! Went off to see a friend quickly for a little for a bit of a catch up and to chat about the yard that I may move Smurph to and think he will be very happy there and the big selling point is a) it is a much smaller yard b)has a walker c) he can have all year individual turn out! dash had a run around with little Weasel who is actually smaller than Dash-shocking!

We then went down to Rycroft so he could have a run a round and a play with buster who is his best mate and who play together for ages. Funny sort of combination to play together a little jack russel and a staff x lab!!! But somehow they get on so well and buster seems to be fully aware of how little dash is and is a bit careful even when they are playing rough!

then off to work for a couple of hours then back to ride Smurph who is going better and better each day and is getting stronger and fitter and is beginning to slowly get a little of his old spark back so sit tight!

Went to a biomechanics lecture at the yard last night with a friend who stayed over. It was very interesting although there wasn't a huge amount of biomechanics in it but some very useful ideas none the less. Sometimes things that you know said in a differrent way makes everything a lot clearer. There were a couple of things that were said that were light bulb moments and when I get my notes in order I will post some of it up here. Have to say though I am very much looking forward to the next one.

My friend rode Smurph this morning and he was a good boy but was interesting to see him from the floor and he is always decieving when you ride him to how he looks from the floor but in general I am very happy with the way he is progressing.

A couple of hours at home then off to teach for the afternoon.
relax time

Sunday, 22 November 2009

manic week

I have had the most manic week I think I have possibly ever had and the result is a very happy but very tired me but then tiredness is only a state of mind. Have mostly been leaving the house between 630-7 and getting in around 730-8 so very busy indeed however busy is good and certainly no complaining here but am most definately looking forward to my kind of day off tomorrow.

The weather has not been that great this week so I am very impressed that in most part clients have shown up and only a couple have cancelled. It's nice to see that the weather is not getting the better of people and boy have we had some rubbish weather this week and has certainly made riding some of the horses entertaining and of course teaching with some of them has been a little challenging but it certainly shows me what super horses we have.

Smurph has mostly behaved himself this week with the exception of one moment but is doing really well and is up the a fiar amount of trotting now and all the signs are good and very promising-maybe we will be out competing next year fairly early on after all obviously starting with some dresage. he is now consistently working in a long and low frame making sure he really is coming over the back from the hindleg and seems to be building up muscle in all the correct places. He somehow managed to frop a fair amount of weight recently so is really enjoying his lovely big haynet and munching his way through a huge amount of hay and is now looking loads better almost too much better now so can now start to reduce his hay intake a little. hope to start cantering in a couple of weeks as long as everything goes ok. The physio is out on friday which is super timing as has now been in work 5 weeks and will be 6 by the time james sees him on friday so fingers crossed he will also be pleased with him.

Have done a fair amount of riding this week as have been trying to catch up after being on crutches so I'm sure the ankle will be glad of the rest tomorrow with the exception on Smurph I have the day off and working in the puba couple of hours at lunchtime. Am going to see a friend in the morning who has just rung me to say there is a space available at her yard which to be honest as much as I love it where Smurph is I think this may be better for him as there is only 7horses on the yard and he can permenantly have individual turn out which is much better forhim. There is also a walker which for me is a greart thing to have as he can go on it whilst I'm muking out and then be ridden for a shorter time for those days when I am completely manic and beside all that it is cheaper which in this day and age is obvioulsy a big consideration. Tom on the other hand will be staying where he is and i will continue to help look after him and work him as he is also beginning to come back into work. No 100% descisions made yet though and will have a couple of days to have a good old think about it and let the appropriate people know but am going down to speak to the owner in the morning which I'm sure will help to help me with my decision.

Right very important x factor result about to be decided and then of course I'ma celebrity and the sleep.


Sunday, 15 November 2009

chilled to the bone.

A fav pic of mine from last year of Steven who I hope will be very happy at his new home!
so a super cold few days! That horrible kin of cold that chills you to the bone so far that only a super hot bath and hiding under the duvet is going to get rid of. Yesterday's weather was unbelievable and probably would look quite amazing if you were able to sit inside with the heating on watching from the comfort of the house. However for me it was not a good day to be at the office so to speak although I was very lucky to have some super clients all of which, amazingly, turned up to their lessons and apart from a couple of children, who were so unbelivably cold due to parents not wrapping them up, noone complained. had great fun despite the weather really do enjoy teaching at this place. It's not a riding school but a livery yard where all the people are either eventers or SJ or training to be able to compete an is so refreshing to be teaching those type of people all morning. it really is super to see those clients who have lessons and then come back and say this is how I did at the weekend or lastweek we had 2 down this week we had a double clear. This is the type of teaching that I really enjoy. I mean I do enjoy the riding school teaching but I think you need a bit of both to help to keep you fresh.

Today I was over at HP and have had a super day despite the cold. I do really enjoy teaching here I mean we all have days where we just want to bury ourselves under the duvet and sleep to catch up on sleep from all those long days which are part of the job that I love so much. Everyone was really in the mood for some super lessons today and I felt that I achieved a lot with each an every client today which is always a nice feeling for an instructor to have. The best part of the days was to watch one of my group lessons jumping a small course. We have been doing lots of work on rythmn, balance and lines recently and was so nice to watch it all come together and to see how much their ridin has improved so well done girls am proud of all of you. At the moment there is a lady shadowing some of the instructors at HP as she wants to improve her teaching to take back to frnace with her when she goes back in 2 weeks. She's english but has decided to go and teach in france so fair play to her. It was interesting to see how she became more cinfident each and every lesson in which she helped and taught a little. Due to how the lessons turned out today she spent most of the day with me and hopefully she both enjoyed it and learned lots.

Right have loads to do tonight lots of searching for yards and people to catch up with and lots of emails to reply to and sort whilst trying to play with dash and of course catch up with some good tv. Certainly know its coming towards Xmas as all the reality shows are airing so off to continue watching I'm a celebrity get me out of here!!!!

Get on Murphy tomorrow as long ankle all ok has been over 2 weeks since I last sat on him and despite other people being very kind and riding him I just can't wait to get back on him myself.


Thursday, 12 November 2009

First things first a very big congratulations to The Reading Uni riding team on a super first place gained at Brunel yesterday so well done everyone.

I am going to spend the evening searching the internet for yards for rent/sale in the hope that we may well find something sooner rather than later. Spoke to a friedn this evening who seems to think she may well know of some so is going to do some research for me and speak to a few people and then let me know so fingers crossed something may come of that but mean while I will keep searching and bug all my contacts as much as they will let me.

Smurph went out for a hack today with a friend of mine from the yard today who is a super rider which no doubt has done him the power of good and she has very kindly agreed to ride him again tomorrow. She said that he feeld completely fine if not a bit on the lazy side but for the moment its probably no bad thing untill he is a little stronger and can cope with any moments that he is going to have. He is is now beginning to look a little stronger and more capable which is super news and is coping with the slight increase in workload that we are now doing with him. i can't wait to get back on him so fingers crossed for saturday and failing that monday. Am going to try to get back on him on saturday but we shall see think I'll go fo a little hack with a friend and will try to ride something at the riding school tomorrow.

Am struggling at the moment with always being tired and nothing seems to be helping so am going to try some b-vitamins and poss iron and if that does'nt help will try to get to the doctors to have a blood test me thinks.


Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Had a super birthday yesterday in general had a bad start to the day but other than that had great fun.

A super little scurry pony that I had spent so much time with over the years was put down yesterday. He has been a fantastic part of a super team over so many years but now at the age of 24 it was time for him to go to a better place. he will be sorely missed by everyone but have to say if I do next season it certainly won't be the same without him. Went down to see him early in the morning armed with mints, carrots and camera. he was totally spoilt but hey why not? Have so many pictures of him but somehow it just didn't seem enough. A few tears, mints, carrots and lots and lots of cuddle later I said my goodbyes and headed off to see Smurph.

Smurph is doing well and was super cuddly yesterday when i first arrived. It never ceases to amaze me that the horse has such a super sixth sense.

Had lunch with my sister and it was so nice to catch up we don't see each other as much as either of us would like for various reasons so it was nice to just sit and chat for a while. We have decided that it should be done at least once a month. I had a super meal in the evening with lots of friends all from different places and they all seemed to mix really well which is always a relief. Had a fantastic time even if i did drink well a fair amount shall we say that led to me running round the house minus my crutches so was in a substantial amount of pain when I woke this morning both my ankle and certainly my head. had some really nice presents and cards and wishes which made for a super super evening which I enjoyed ever so much so thank you everyone. Have to say I'm not doing it justice as am so tired so will stop now and try to write a little better tomorrow.

On a fantastic note which made yeterday so so so special and certainly one to remember it looks like my dream of having ayard and therefore a base may well actually some true so much sooner than I ever thought it would. Someone I know and think the world of is looking to have somewhere where the horses can be at home or to rent for her horses has given me permission to look around for something that would suit us both and for this I cannot thank her enough for this opportunity so thank you. those two little words most definately do not seem enough but words cannot express how i feel about it apart from pure excitement.

So gone from having a super day yesterday to a proper down day today but can't put it down to anything at all just one of those days but the excitement from the yard keep a positive look on things that and the fact that smurph is doing well and dash is giving me loads of cuddles.

so off to bed now but will leave you with this super quote:
“If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.” michael jackson

night x

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Decisions decisions

Interesting kind of day today went into work as we weren't sure if one of the teachers was coming in or not and luckily for me she did so I only had to one hour then went home. This allowed me to do a lot of thinking and decision making.

I have decided that:
  • the glass is always half full
  • stress is an unnecessary waste of energy(not that i think this will stop me stressing but you never know)
  • it is time for me to try to find a base so i am on the look out for a yard to rent/use in return for looking after someones horses-with a friend
  • i really ought to try to take on as many of the rides that I am offered to try to further my career
  • To get where I want to go will happen it's just going to be a difficult journey to get there
  • this is the year I need to kick myself up the arse and get competing seriously.

So with this in mind I really have spent a lot of the afternoon on the Internet trying to find some yards in the area that may well be worth going to look at and are possible for me the result: not a lot as yet but will keep looking after all if you want something enough you will make it happen. So all the time I would normally be spending riding will be spent looking around for possibilities as obviously can't ride at the moment because of these silly crutches but then the ankle will need to mend properly in order for me to have the career I want to the level I want as really can't have too many old injuries for fear they will come back to haunt me!

I have been offered a superb 9yr old gelding by Rubeinstein who is currently in Holland but is being brought over here for personal reasons and is being bought very cheap due to this. He is actually coming in to be sold if I can find a stable for him however really I would love to buy him as he may possibly be the horse that begins my really serious competing. He is working at their equivalent of advanced medium and knows tempi changes, etc and is learning piaffe and passage. He has just passed a 5 stage vetting and would be a super chance for me. Anyone know of someone that would either lend me the money or possibly buy him for me to ride-cheeky I know but worth a go after all unless you try you never get.

So please keep an ear out for a yard and also if anyone would be interested in sponsoring me and taking a chance of a hugely driven and ambitious young rider please contact me.


Thursday, 5 November 2009

boring, boring, boring

A very boring day today but at least resting the ankle which is always good. Down the yard early this morning to help poo pick Tom's field as he went in with the rest of the boys today ready for them all to move fields on saturday. He seemed to be very happy to finally be out with friends and seemed a lot more chilled tonight which is nice as he's been a little unsettled the last fews days or maybe that's me who knows either way he was a very happy horse tonight.

Smurph didn't get ridden todayas my friends car broke down so a friend from the yard is going to ride him tomorrow so fingers crossed he'll behave I'm sure he will but I won't be there which always makes me slightly worry. However she is good enough with a good enough seat to sit if he does anything-fingers crossed.

Been working at the pub today which was extremely boring as we went that busy at all today which tends to make the day drag on and on. However i did get all the quiz questions done for monday night which makes it a bit easier as its my birthday on monday. Have a nice evening planned as going out for a meal with friends at mum's pub so should be a good evening.

Right have to take my dad down to the pub to lock up.


Wednesday, 4 November 2009

go smurph go

So Smurph had his first trot today and am so so pleased. Considering he has been off work for so long his trot is still most definately there which is very very pleasing. A friend of mine rode him for me today and do have to say am struggling with these flipping crutches as so want to be riding Smurph but if i get it right and do as im told then the ankle should recover well and I'll be back riding soon. Hopefully his osteo come physio come therapist should be out next week which is perfect timing as he will have been trotting for a week by then so will be good for him to see Smurph. He's going to be seen every few weeks whilst he is coming back into work and then will be seen as normal once every 6 weeks as all mine are as a matter of course.

Had great fun with the uni today as they were doing mounted games which is always a great laugh as they really do enter into the spirit of things which makes things so much more enjoyable as an instructor. We only had one faller which I think may well be partially my fault as as the horse came towards me at great speed I moved as quick as I could away one the crutches as the horse went flying round the corner and the poor rider carried on straight- super fall though if there is such a thing.

Have to say this whole being on crutches thing is driving me mad. I love being able to my horses completely on my own and looking after every aspect of them. it's not that I don't trust people it's just I like things to be done as they are everyday but there we go. I also hate that feeling of helplessness that I have at the moment as seem to be unable to do much around at all. It is however giving me time to spend just sitting with the boys which is nice to be able to do sometimes. They really are super listeners and you can be sure they won't repeat things and really do find it therapeutic to just sit and watch them they really do just seem at peace and very chilled. They are very relaxing just to watch and think and be around.

Time for bed and early night I think ankle is sore so wakes me up when I knock it maybe tonight I'll get more sleep.


Sunday, 1 November 2009

sound horse, lame rider

so smurph is sound and doing really well so pleased that everything seems to be on the up as far as he is concerned. It's been such a hard long struggle to get him sound and to the point where he is ok to begin to slowly come back into work and I look forward every day to being able to ride him. He's beginning to look a bit better-phew.

As for me have to say I'm a complete muppet. Still didn't feel that great friday and just about made it through the day of teaching with a little bit of voice left at the end of it. Thought that I had a nice evening of relaxing in front of the TV and chilling ahead but one of the guys who works behind the bar at Mum's pub had to take his girlfriend to A and E after she had a nasty bump on the head so mum asked me to work as there was noone else. Relucntantly I agreed so went home feeling rather rubbish and got ready to go to the pub. Dad then said that if I covered him whilst he had his dinner he'd do the rest of the night which of course I agreed to. So I had a few drinks after with a couple of friends. Went behind the bar to grab a drink dancing , jumped up and didn't land square on my left ankle which is very dodgy anyway, slipped on a bit of ice which I had dropped grabbed the till to steady me(unfortunately our till is on a hinge) slipped and went flying and completely over on my ankle. We all had a huge amount of laughter at first as one miute I was jumping around behind the bar next I was flat on my back. So we were all laughing including me untill I tried to get up and loads of pain shot up my ankle-not good. Within a matter of moments swelling had taken over and my laughter very quickly turned to tears. Anyway result is crutches and the dodgy ligaments are damaged so will be on crutches for a couple of weeks I should think but plan to get back asap as want to get back riding. There's nothing more frustrating than having lots of horses to ride especially your own that been off work for a very long time and not be able to ride them so I will be back on asap. A couple of friends have kindly agreed to help me out with Smurph to bring him back into work whilst I'm off. At least I can drive (kind of) so can still teach but will lose money by not being able to ride and can still work behind the bar in a fashion( very funny-ever seen a baar maid on crutches!!!???)so money will still come in-big phew.

So now I'm off to sleep little dash man is curled up looking at me . Still at least I will have a slightly easier week which I'm sure my body will be grateful for however would have liked it to have been by choice not enforced but hey ho every cloud has a silver lining.