Tuesday, 31 March 2009

first day- excellent

Today was my first day at the new job and very enjoyable it was will come back to that in a minute first to yesterday.

Monday was dramatic to say the very least, wasn't the most promising start but adventures we had and not the kind you really want.

I had a very rare lie in only to be woken up by the phone going with someone from the yard trying to ring me which always make me worry. however not being really very awake I didn't take in what she was saying so obviously something not very important or no doubt I would have immeadiately been awake. So I then had to ring her back to as if she did indeed say to me that she had by accident turned Murphy out in his stable rug?!?!?!?! and did I want her to change it which I did. So I got up thinking well I'm awake now might as well. :( I went down to pick up somethings from an old yard I used to be at and had a phone call from a friend at the new job asking where I was and could I come down to give her a second opinion on a pony that had come in from the field with a kick to the head!!! Off i went aind to be honest the inury didnt look as bad as I thought it would but had a good look and decided a vet was the best plan of action and thank goodness I did as it turns out the pony has a fracture to the skull!!!! However she is goign to be completely fine apart from a bit of concussion and needing lots of rest.

Then I go down to the yard where my boys are and my vet is running 1 1/2 hrs late so I had to cancel my lesson which I was very much looking forward to after the last one I had. Then the really old horse at the yard had laid down and couldn't get up and the owner was away for the day. not nice as it had worn itself out trying to get up but in the end we got it up and although it was very stiff it seems to be ok-phew!!!! Then another horse which had been tied up by its owner got its leg caught wuite badly and it pulled it out and a huge lump appeared on its leg just below the knee-tendon region so another vet had to be called!!!! He is also fine apart from some major bruising!

Finally I managed to hack murphy down to his new home where I rode him in the school and he was not on his bes behaviour bit of a spoilt brat act to be honest but then he settled in fine for the night and I went back to finish the other boy off who is staying where he is just around the corner for a while.

Right so back to today. Had great fun today it was nice to be back working with the old lot some of which are still there from when I was there originally so all the usual laughing and joking occured. It's nice to have an atmosphere at work where in the most part people get on the work gets done but there is still a lot of fun to be had. So i mucked out the little scurry ponies who all have the biggest character you could imagine. Then I did my boy and then a break-hard life isn't it?! Then followed the health and safety talk which has to be done even though I've been teaching there freelance a bit but hey rules are rules. Then I had a super little client to teach who is there all week doing an own a pony week. Although she is not the best rider in the world she was a pleasure to teach as she put all the effort in she possibly could and that makes my job so much easier. Then I had a super super lesson on Murphy he was amazing today whatever I asked of him he obliged. Have to say not what I expected after being such a monkey yesterday but then horses to have a way of surprising you everyday he'll probably be really naughty tomorrow-no thats just not him. Then the afternoon was very easy few lessons here and there and a small amount of yard work so all in all a very nice easy day for my first one back bet the hard work starts tomorrow.


Sunday, 29 March 2009

last day- emotional me thinks

So I am officially no longer freelance so I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has made these last few years so enjoyable it really has been a rollercoaster.

A special thank you to a dear friend that has made this last year so enjoyable and has been there for me through all the ups and the downs where her support has been unquestioning and so very much appreciated. We have shared many a laugh and many a cry but mainly laughs especially as i have a tendency to have hyperactive moments!!! There are still so many more to come in the years ahead but one thing is for sure I will definately miss teaching with her and the many car journeys etc. However now we shall just have to make sure that we see each others lots and continue to have more journeys and many a laugh for many years ahead. So my dear friend a huge thank you lots of love and hugs. Keep the chin up my dear you know my number-anytime. xxx

So the last day passed no-one fell off and no excitement-phew!!!! I spent the morning judging the dressage and actually the standard was better than I expected after the last few I have judged here. My writer was one of my clients from the riding school and we spent most of the morning either laughing at each other or coughing!!! Honestly both of us have colds so lots of coughing and sneezing hope we didn't spread the germs!!! oops! Then the afternoon was spent teaching some super clients and we all had great fun as well as them learning lots, well I hope they did. Then the hard part came saying goodbye to all the friends I have made here and although we will still see each other its never quite the same as when you work with them week in week out. I will still go back ocassionally to judge the dressage so I will see them and also hopefully on a social side. They really do have super staff here who make the time you spend here as enjoyable as is possible and the clients are excellent and usually really good fun so yes I will miss it terribly but it is time to move on time for some new adventures time for more experience and a little time for me now. So yes I shed a little tear but I also laughed at all the memories from the time here. Reflection is a wonderful thing and I'm sure it will be a bit strange and maybe a bit hard in the next few weeks but there is lots to look forward to and I have more experience now and lots of memories that will be with me for ever.

So to cheer myself up I went to see my goddaughter and cheer me up she most certainly did thank goodness for the children.

So now I am sat here with my dear man and writing this. Tomorrow I shall move murphy after we have had our lesson ready to start on tuesday.

So you see many mixed emotions but hey I made the choice so here we go..........


Saturday, 28 March 2009

emotional mixture

Didn't write last night as my friend stayed over and had to work untill 830 so by time I got home and sorted it was too late. I shall certainly not miss working so late every friday night. However I have some super clients on a friday night which I shall miss. I had the girl I teach on her own horses which she keeps at the riding school which I also ride and we had a fantastic hour just playing to be honest! It was really nice though after all the problems we had with one of the horses to just be able to sit and watch now and just ride him- such a pleasure. I also had my little group of ladies that I really enjoy teaching. They really have come on so much over the last few months it really pleasing to see. Hopefully they have enjoyed it all too.

Then today really ha a bit of an easy day. We played with the horses this morning then off to the riding school where I had a hack with some of my regular clients where we could actually let the horses have some fun. I then had another hack of 8 clients which we all returned safely. Then to finish my last saturday I took my other group xc!! I must either be brave or stupid but they all rode really well and it was fairly uneventful apart from one fall. This dear little horse is a little monkey. H came cantering up gradually getting slower the girl did nothing and the horse straddle the fence front legs over back legs the other side-oops!! he then jumped with his hindlegs catapulating her out the saddle and taking the bridle with her- not the best plan so more paper work it was!!!!

So now I'm going to have an early night as have an early start and the clocks go forward!! To top it all off I have a bad cold not really what I want when off to a new job on tuesday but hey ho never mind. I'm not known for my sympathy be it with me or other people so crack on!


Thursday, 26 March 2009

lots of riding and a decision

So had a day full of riding today. 6 in all crazy so now am a little achey and very tired so just a quick one tonight.
Rode a little chesnut mare at the riding school today in a jump lesson. I've known this mare for many years as she was a friend of mine's horse which she had to sell so I brought her to the riding school and now after many years of riding her I rode her for what is probably the last time today so thank goodness she was good.
Then I rode a couple of clients horses one older and a younster both went really well and am pleased with their progress.

Then I rode the little event horse. Went out for a hack with another lady from the yard and how well behaved he was. We even managed to find a super long canter path excellent just what he needed. Now here is the decision. He must be sold and to be honest I would love to buy him so I must raise £5k asap if I want him or I must sell him for her:( So therefore I am on a mission to find the money. Any ideas?????
With any luck the stunning dressage horse on my pic will sell and i can put the comission from him toward the event horse. Hmmmm fingers crossed. Or a loan maybe???

Then I rode a friends horse to see if it hacks out on its own safely and I think I can honestly say no it is not. Ah well never mind he's perfect for her in every other respect so I think we can forgive him this. But was quite an adventure how many ways can a horse leap around??? always amazes me but then I've always been one for a challenge.

Then the last one of the day was a really super 4 yr old at the livery yard where mine are. He really is super and going to go far in the right hands as he is also for sale. I have been asked to jump him for some sale pics as the girl who's mum owns him has broken her ankle so cant ride. His biggest issue is he currently thinks that the rider should hold his head up and why on earth should he do it for you. Ah well he is young but does learn very quick and is improving well she has done an excellent job on him.

well not such a short post then. Not feeling my normal self tonight this whole change thing always maske me bit stressed only because i'm leaving the freelance world, which i love, to go back to something i left. Well we shall see as much as i am looking forward to the new challenges leaving the old is upsetting 6 of one half a dozen of the other.


Wednesday, 25 March 2009

not so normal hours

so it 10pm and i've been in the house 15mins and left it at 6:45 this morning. Have had a really good day but am tired beyond tiredness now. These are the ridiculous hours that I will not miss!!! The people yes the silly hours sometimes-no!

Had a mix match day but so much fun. Really like days like these where things just fall into place. Started off riding then some mucking out then off to the riding school to teach a client i will very much miss teaching then we went off for a hack on her two super horses. Hung around a bit waiting for my special friend to finish teaching then a dash back to finish of my boys then to the train station so she could get back to london. Really cannot wait for her to move nearer especially now we won't be teaching with each other.

My last stop of the day was the place where i'm off to on tuesday and rode one of the horses there. Now he's a super little cob that really does move very nicely. An ex show cob I believe. Has a few little issues the main one being he tends to not really go to the contact but tuck himself in behind it. However by the end he really was super, powering forward from behind into a proper contact. I love little horses like this that are so willing to work with and try so hard fingers crossed I may get him as a schooling project.

Right so now off to bed. Will be nice to not be so tired and have more time for other things and be able to spend more time with the man who is feeling little left out at the moment ah bless!!!!


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

an early finish!!!!!

Tonight I actually managed to be in my house by 6:30!!!! Completely unheard of but something that is going to become a lot more common-ah normal hours how refreshing?!

Excellent day today took the event horse for a hack and what a good boy he is. It really is super to have a horse that is actually safe to hack out been a fair few years since I have had one of those!!! He's losing weight whoop whoop girth has gone up 2 holes in last 2 weeks and he's getting fitter super!

Finished my assessment forms last night and handed them today. Think I must make a resolution for the new job- be on time with paper work!!! Quiet day tomorrow as usually reading uni are at the riding school but they are off for easter already!!!! So have a quiet afternoon but am teaching a client at the riding school which i very much enjoy teaching and am especially pleased with her and both her horses progress really will miss teaching her-so wish I could take some things from the freelance world to the job.

hey ho onwards and upwards. Think i'll jump the event horse tomorrow.

Monday, 23 March 2009

day of fun and sadness

Just got in from seeing my friend and my god-daughter she really is growing up fast. She is the most sweet little girl in the world and always seem to make you laugh-what a great gift she has.

So now I am sat here writing this and trying to write my assessment sheets for the people i teach at a riding school. They do this 4 times a year order to monitor the progress of their clients. Great idea in theory however I shall not miss this trying to write what they need to work on in a positive way. I am awful at this and I really should have had them done last week but they always seem to go to the bottom on the pile. Still nearly done them.

So today was full of lots of fun and a little sadness. So first to the fun...
As I had to work yesterday today I took my dear Mum out to lunch and then on to a bit of shopping which she seemed to very much enjoy. It is so nice to spend time with her only wish I could do it more often but we do it as much as we can. Had a super chat with her over lunch and then spent considerable amount of time looking in shops lots of giggles and buying my Dads presents for his birthday tomorrow. I also had a super lesson on my new horse and its looking like he is going to be fab so he'll be out lots this season.
So to the sadness....
I have had this client that I have taught consistently since I very first went freelance week in week out and am so so pleased with both her and her horse's progress. The little horse has gone from being so unbalanced and not really knowing what is being asked of him to winning unaff novice dressage,SJ and behaving perfectly on XC so fingers crossed she will event him this year. He really has been a challenge. Super horse but was very muddled in his head many people would have given up on him but she has continued with him and now they are looking very promising. So I am wishing them a very happy summer and beyond competing and doing well. It is super to look at them now and how far they have come and although I will still see her as a friend I will no longer teach her. This is where going back full time becomes a little difficult. Still I cannot wait for the new challenges ahead.

I have to be up early my day starts at 7.30 and have to muck mine out before hand so a quick chat with my super friend then off to sleep.


Sunday, 22 March 2009

a new start

A decision is always something that never comes easy untill you stop thinking about it!!!

I have been freelance now for 3 years and have enjoyed it for the most part. I can't say that it has been easy. In some parts it has been a pure struggle but now I can go back hopefully older and wiser with more experience. It has been nice to meet lots of new people and horses and has allowed me to try some teaching and training techniques that otherwise would never have been tried.

I am leaving some lovely people and clients to return but am hoping to stay in touch with them although I have never been any good at that as most people would agree with. I have enjoyed teaching at this particular riding school but that is not to say it hasn't been without its ups and downs. However I have been very fortunate to meet a very special friend who has helped me through some really bad times so for this I am very grateful. I am a great believer in things happening for a reason and without leaving in the first place and going freelance I would never have met her.

I will also miss my private clients and the horses I ride very much and will if anyone wants to continue lessons (although I cannot do them) will certainly be reccommending my special friend as she is a super instructor.

So my last week as a freelance instructor and rider is about to start. Lets hope it is a good one.