Friday, 29 May 2009

the good ,the bad and.......

An extremely busy week spent travelling around the country with the scurry ponies so not much time for poor murphy this last 10 days but he has been doing lots of hacking so will keep his fitness and he was used in the stage 3 exam which showed when i rode him in the school on tuesday on the only day I have had at home since last wednesday!!!!!! He felt stiff not off the leg and a little 'yeah whatever' but it is to be expected but by the end of the session on tuesday he had loosened up and felt a lot better but not really sure what to expect tomorrow poor pony!!!!!

Well last wednesday we went to devon. The ponies all travelled well especially considering we had a blowout on the trailer that we pull with the lorry that carries the traps hay etc. Our driver declared smoke which sent me into a bit of a panic as I had a lorry burst into flames last year on the M4!! I was much happier once he said that it was the tyre on the trailer. The bigger ponies went well and we were very unlucky to not get placed in the championship but unfortunately we had a cone down with both pairs so were just pushed out of the placings but were pleased with them none the less. The small pair chaz and dave are going through a bit of a rough patch and seem to have got a little upset by things and gone backwards so we just took it gentle with them aiming to get their confidence back in the ring.

We then travelled on the friday night to Herts county show ready to compete on saturday. We arrived around 8 as the traffic was fairly bad so it took longer than we thought. The ponies were all a little unsettled as the collecting ring was really too small for so many pairs but it was the same for everybody. Our ponies didn't go well and the course just didn't suit our and each course suits a different type of ponies. So we didn't get anything into the championship which was dissapointing but did for once allow me to watch a entire competition of scurry driving which was nice even though I would of course preferred to be competing. We then left saturday night to travel to Burghley!!!!

So Burghley well we were parked a long way from the showground which actually was very nice as it was lovely and quiet and was super for the ponies who by this time had become fairly wound up so it did them the world of good. we drove them on the sunday morning just to help settle them down. The ring was awful!!! It was up and down all over the place and full of bumps divets and all sorts and none of us were happy drivers and grooms!!! However chaz and dave settled a little and did the best round of the 3 of the week so we were pleased. Bunny and Magic became very strong so we missed the box and had to circle round to come again which of course wasted lots of time putting us out of the placings with them. Esme and Susie did a super round but had a cone down but amazing still got placed and quialified for the championship so well done them they really were on fire and at the moment are most definate going the best of the 3 pairs. However in the championship it was not to be the ponies tried their hardest but they had a cone down and the smaller ponies were much quicker and able to cut the corners so we were out of the placings. We then travelled home Monday afternoon and got back around 6. I quickly settled the ponies in for the night and rushed home to have a quick shower and something to eat as had to be at the pub to work by 7!!!!

Come Tuesday I was very pleased to have the day off and be able to have a lie in which my body very much appreciated. I love travelling and competing but sleeping on a camp bed and all the lifting etc really doesn't help my back at all so it was pleased for the hot bath and a day off. I went and rode Murphy then went with a friend to pick up a couple of horses who had unfortuantely been at the vets nothing serious just a couple of injuries which are now well on their way to mending. Then in the evening I went shopping to pick up some food for the next show.

I worked wednesday morning and got to ride the lovely murphy again who was much better then the tuesday. we then left for Bath and west county show ready to compete on the thursday and friday. the ponies travelled really well. we really are lucky with our ponies they load superbly and travell very well you don't really realise they are on there. We had all on thursday morning to have a look around the show which was nice as we don't normally have quite so much time it's usually a quick grab anything you need and back to the lorry so it was nice to look round the shops and watch a bit of the showjumping. Chaz and dave did a really nice round and we were exceptionally pleased with them. although we didn't get in the championshipw ith them they went beautifully together and did the best round they have done for ages which was really pleasing so hopefully that'll be it now back to their best. The large ponies weren't on till 12 on friday so we got up early and got all our stables down and packed away before hand so we could make a quick get away after. both pairs went really well in the super ring and qualified for the championship so we had gone from none in championship at herts to having 2 at Bath and west. Both gave everything in the championship and went excellently knocking 3 seconds of their time from the class. We ended up fourth with esme and susie and just out of the placings with bunny and magic so a really good show given our recent run so fingers crossed its all up and back on form from here. The only downside was one of our ponies had a bit of a strop in the trap by the lorry and struck out leaving a nice stud hole in my leg. very painfull but will be fine in a few days but thats ponies they can't seem to behave all the time they wouldn't be ponies if they didn't!!!!!!

Pick up my puppy tomorrow so will post some pictures of the new addition as well as some pics of the ponies.

Sometimes a time apart is the best thing when things aren't going so well lets hope so it really would be nice.

off to sleep now my bed is calling and my body is giving out.


Monday, 18 May 2009

busy times

A day off to chill that was very much needed.

We had a very busy weekend at the yard a in house dressage competition on saturday which i had to judge and then 2 members of staff down on Sunday made for a busy and tiring weekend. I finished work at 530 yesterday then had to start in the pub at 6!!!!! crazy really! So by the time I finished yeterday evening i was ready for a nice lay in today.

Murphy was good on the flat on friday and the left canter was excellent really engaged etc but he finds the right canter more difficult and his new trick is to try and throw his left shoulder out becommnig crooked and therefore maming it easier for himself so we worked quite hard on it. We used shoulder-in into the canter to help and that really seemed to work as helped to keep him straight and connected in the transition which then helped in the actual canter work. So this is really something that I now need to work on.

We then jumped on saturday and he was rather lively and enjoyed his jumping somewhat. A few leaps and bucks etc but nothing nasty just that he was 110% enjoying himself. On a positive note his jumping is superb at the moment and I seem to be able to place him wherever I want and am able to play with his canter as much as I want. He then went for a hack on sunday and seemed nice and chilled after.

We worked on the canter today and was much improved so fingers crossed he will be good in the lesson tomorrow. I am off on the road from wednesday till monday night at a few scurrying shows then home for tuesday and then off again to bath and west so a very busy couple of weeks ahead of me. I'll be busy tomorrow getting everything ready it's quite an organisation to get 6 ponies ready plus all hay feed bedding etc so busy busy day.

I'm off out for the evening just what I need to chill and find myself a little. Not really feeling myself at the moment like a little lost if that makes sense at all. Nothing major just few things on my mind a few things I need to put to rest and a few things I need not worry about atm. Had my back sorted today so feeling a little achey but will prob feel super in my body tomorrow.


Thursday, 14 May 2009

clever pony

Well what a good boy!!! Off we went to murphy and I's first dressage competition together. Have to say I am really pleased with him we got 2nd in the prelim and 4th in the novice so excellent start. He came out super in the prelim but came out like a fire breathing dragon for the novice but still a very good day out. Very useful comments were made on the sheets which is great as it gives me a clue as to what is indeed of the most work to help to gain the higher marks. He travelled super and came home like he had not been out what a chilled boy which is nice for me haven't had one of those for a while!!!!

We jumped today and is confidence is really well and truely back now. Minus a few things today which were my fault all went well considering. We didn't do too much as wanted him to have a nice easy day doing something he loves and boy did he like it. He made a proper shape over his fences today and I could change the canter as i wished and place him wherever. So really good couple of days for us.

Very tired now though so only a quick post.


Monday, 11 May 2009

very busy weekend

A manic weekend! Had a BHS stage2 exam at the yard on friday so had to be at work by 630 so early start indeed. Went to see my puppy on thursday night and ended up being back later than I wanted too but he is so cute and can't wait to be abke to bring him home. Anyway had time to ride Murphy during the day and he went well not as good as during the week but well considering. I have now upped his feed a little to help him as the workload has now also increased. He is in general working more correctly through his back in a slighty more uphill way of going. He was then used in the lunging as a last minute change so he needed the work so off he went. Apparently he behaved impeccably and so i was like a really proud mum bless him. at least I know that he can be used in the lunging if he is needed. Left the yard at 6 and was in the pub by 7 working. the exam went smoothly as all the staff mucked in together and worked really well together which is really nice. The pub was actually fairly busy and there were loads of people that i hadn't seen before so hopefully its on the up.

Saturday I wasn't too busy with teachingso I had time to start trimming the scurry ponies so they are slowly beginning to look a little smarter.. I rode Murphy at lunch and he was a lot better than the friday so was really pleased and did a fair amount of work on his transitions to canter which is where is he weak as he tends to avoid staying through his back but is getting a lot better. We've had a few issues with the right canter as I have now concentrated a little too much on his left canter as this was originally weaker so entirely my fault but the right canter has come better over the weekend. As I have had to ride him during my lunch this weekend we have had short sessions but they've been quite intensive.

Today my friend came down from london and read my dressage tests for me as was practisng fo wednesday. He was a little tired and stiff today after the weekend so didn't perform at his best so we only had a short session went through both tests and then went and stood him in the ford. Tomoroow I will go through the tests again to iron out a few things and hopefully the test will link a little easier today. He will then go for a short relaxing hack ready for wednesday.

Right am working at the pub tonight so better get something to eat.


Thursday, 7 May 2009

motivation and focus is the key

All things considered a good two days. My friend who is back from germany sat on Murphy for a while yesterday during our lesson and pushed his boundaries a little. He really does have an opinion on life well on everything actually. She rode him superbly and when I got back on boy what a difference he was so much more through lighter and much better behind lookes like I've just got to be a little stricter on both myself and him. So when I rode him today I had a proper plan in place after the warm up and a much more determined head on (bit difficult atm my mind seems to be everywhere but with my horse). Then off we went for a hack. Took one of our clients out for a super hack with lots of lovely canters as the ground was very good in places. He felt much stronger today in general and it still amazes me that when I concentrate how much his attitude changes and we really get lots of work done. The physio was at the yard today and saw him trot up quickly and said he's looking a lot stronger behind and is coming on well. So fingers crossed for wednesday. It's only unaffiliated but it'll be nice to take him out for the first time under my name. See there is always something positive to look at or forward to-the glass is always half full.

Ok so it's a bit of a shock being single but its the way it is so no point in really dwelling on it. Yes I have bad moments but then it's only be 2 days so its to be expected but throwing yourself into your work really does help but yes I am facing it I'm not putting it in a box and locking it. The way I look at it is I can really concentrate on my riding and Murphy now afterall if I really want to be successful in this very competitve world in which I want to break into then commitment is always useful. Now I have always been committed and I have always been motivated but sometime we just loose sight of things for a while but now it's time to kick myself up the backside and get on with it.

So here's to a successful season........

Off to see the puppy tonight looking forward to that and went to see my old black horse after work today as I finished at lunch which was really nice. He looks really well and really is a happy boy nice to see isn't it...?

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

a weekend to forget and single life

So not the best May bank holiday I've ever had to be honest!:(

I wasn't well on the friday so didn't work didn't work in the pub and was in bed by 8pm very unusual for me but there we go. By saturday I felt a bit better but not great and had barely any time to be able to get the ponies bathed and the lorry ready to leave for the show in the afternoon. This was due to a couple of people having the saturday off so had to cover the teaching however everything got done and all sorted and off the the show we went.

It has to be said it was not our most successful show but then again there is always lots to be learnt when things don't go quite right. The big ponies who usually go really well and haven't been out of the placings this year were dissapointing but you can't always do well and to be honest you learn more when things don't go your way and we always learn from our mistakes. Spic and Span were out of the placings and we had to retire with The Chippendales due to the back of the cart hitting Magic's hock when he was at full stretch galloping so for safety's sake and the sake of the pony we pulled up and retired. We all had our views about why this happened as it has not happened this year but there we go wherever things go wrong there are always differences of opinion as to why they happened. Still we now have just over 2 weeks before the next one to work on it and make sure it doesn't happen again. The smalls are improving week by week in their new partnerships but still have some way to go before they are established. One particular pony who is new this season was very unsettled at this show so we took it steady and she wasn't very confident in the ring. I'm quite fond of this pony so really hope she comes right and have a lot of faith that she will.

Therefore we had nothing in the Championship so Wendy and Bill went home on the Sunday and took 4 ponies with them. This only left me with 4 so I had a nice realxing day on Monday watched the Championship and then packed up and left nice and early so we got back to the yard in a nice lot of time allowing me to get the ponies all settled and the lorry sorted.

So not the best show. Then went home now we've been having a little difficulty in our relationship but I guess I didn't realise wuite how much and things either seemed to be fantastic or the other end of the spectrum. So it all came to a head last night and I am now officially single which is quite a shock to the system I guess you never really know someone I mean really know them 100%. I honestly had no idea that this was going through his head. We have decided to split but I'm not sure there is future in it I really do think that this is it. I do however hope that in time we can go back to being friends as it seems such a shame to loose a friend that I have always valued and loved before the relationship too having known him for so long it seems very wierd that it may never be the same again. Anyway can't really talk about it at the moment it's all to fresh and very upsetting. The off I went to the pub to work so on went the smily face well it tried to go on but I got through the evening knowing I had a day off today.

So today I have spent mainly in bed feelling rather sorry for myself which of course is not attitude to have. to cheer myself up I went down to the yard and played around with Murphy. I really didn't feel like riding and it wouldnt have been fair on him. Murphy had a bath, his mane pulled and lots of trimming and is now looking very smart especially now his mane is pulled and showing off his developing neck better and his whole topline is really coming on and in general is looking better and better. He really is a sweety and always seems to know when I'm not feeling great and seems to be at his most cuddly at these times and on his best behaviour. It still amazes me how animals sense and read body language so accurately.

Am working in the pub tonight as the bloke who is meant to be working is ill-still more money and it all pays the bills and allows me occassionally to treat myself which at the moment would be really nice.