Wednesday, 29 April 2009

An increased work load.....

Half day today so have spent the afternoon sorting out Murphy's insurance and trying to find competitions that will fit in with the busy scurry driving schedule and everything else.

Murphy has had a hard few days. My friend is back from Germany for a short while so as the normal instructor was away yesterday me and a couple of others had a lesson with her. It really was refreshing to have a different view point on how to contiue with Murphy. We decided that he's ready now to step up a level and begin to work a bit harder and alittle more up through his shoulder by taking more weight onto his hind legs. Wow he really did go very well both today and yesterday although I must say it's a bit of a challenge to get him there. Yes I think he finds it difficult but then again he has had it fairly easy to be honest and considering where I want to get him and what I want to do with him it really is time to crack on. I thought he might come out a bit stiff today after monday and yesterday but he came out feeling better than I have felt him. He is also getting fitter. I think we are jumping tomorrow which will be good for him as will take him away from the last 3 days of hard schooling and let him have a bit of fun. Yes I know I must rider him correctly and properly into the fences and between and yes I must school him over the fences but he enjoys it so much that for him it will be a nice change and help to keep him fresh. Then I will probably hack him after work as well just to give him a change of scenery and the weather has been nice so the ground in the forest should be good so will give him a nice canter.

Work has been good we've had lots of giggles over the last few days and in general there seems to be really nice atmosphere on the yard. It always makes life a lot more enjoyable and work a lot easier if you get on with the people that you have to spend a lot of time with. The scurry ponies are all looking well and are now looking a little slimmer more like the little racehorses that they are. They are loosing their winter coat nicely some eaier than others. Now really want to give them a trim they all need their manes pulling, feathers trimming and beards getting rid of. I like to have all my horses and ponies looking smart although they are not mine so do need permission from the bloke that owns them fingers crossed.

right ought to have some dinner I think as am working tonight at the pub so long evening tonight. I have been really busy at work at the yard which really suits me lots of teaching and training the staff in the mornings. All of which I am really enjoying. Right i better get off.


Monday, 27 April 2009

the glass is half full.....

Monday=day off!! So a lovely lay in followed by breakfast in bed!!! Then off to Steven's old yard to pick up rest of stuff and pay final bill. Will still pop down as have some friends there now after being there for a fair while with one then two then one again!!

A quick catch up with a friend of mine on who's yard I used to do some work on. Had a nice catch up and was nice to hear how her youngsters are getting on and what she has planned for the season ahead for them and the older mre experienced horse of hers.

Then off to see Murphy. Had a lesson today with someone who I used to have lessons with before I stopped being freelance. She had taught me on him once before about a week after I first picked him up so probably around 8 weeks ago so a fair while really. She was really pleased with how he has come on. He cam out a little stiff today as had a bit of a gallop around due to the rain in the morning when he was out and takes great pleasure in giving me a heart attack by galloping stopping dead twisting and galloping off again. I really wish he wouldn't do that all I see is vet bills but obviously don't want to stop him going out. Anyway we were working on him taking the rein down more and stretching over his back therefore becomming more loose and supple through the hindquarters and back. This seemed to work really well and although he took a while to get it when he did he maintained it really well and in his usual fashion went 'oh you want this ok no prob!'. He went from having a relatively small overtrack in the walk to having this massive swinging through walk so really pleased there. We then did the same in the trot as well as making him a bit sharper off the leg as the first few strides of the trot are sometimes a little lack lustre then he gets into it. So we were trying to get him to be correct from the second the trot started and we got there and so the trot improved in engagement and cadence. She then sat on him as we both thought it would be good for her to do so and it also gave me a chance to see how he is going from the floor. She was quite amazed how different he is to actually ride then he looks and said I make it look a lot easier then it actually was. He did go very nicely for her and it was nice for me to see how much his movement is improving how his hocks are flexing and how much stronger he is getting. I then hopped back on for a short while and felt the difference so I now know what I have to work on and exactly what he is capable of at the moment looking at his muscle development etc. I will try to have a lesson with her once a month as I am a great believer in having another instructor come in every now and again to give a different eye to what is going on in the horse and rider.

This evening I went to see my friends mum in hospital she has now had the operation and looks remarkably well considering and is very upbeat. To be honest you wouldn't expect anything else from her she really is one of those ' the glass is half full' people very refreshing. Wishing you a speedy recovery 'mummy' hope you are back on your feet soon. I am very much a glass is half full person too love looking on the positive side of life otherwise I think we just stop living I mean really living. Yes sure bad things happen times are difficult etc but there is always something positive and there is usually a solution to the problem and if not well then we just have to get on with it. LIfe is a journey sometimes good sometimes bad bit of a rollarcoaster ride really and you know what it is a ride well worth taking. Big smiles.


Sunday, 26 April 2009

a very busy day....

It's official I'm am absolutely shattered!!!

Worked in the pub on friday night which turned out to be a very late one. Then obviously up early the next day. Saturday wasn't actually too bad as we were fully staffed. had some nice teaching during the day with some clients that really do want to improve which is nice. One of the staff and a lesson on Murphy with me as it was the only way he was going to get ridden and actually it's nice for them to ride something that isn't in the riding school. We have super riding school horses but it is a different ball game riding something like Murph. I think she enjoyed it but I was rather hard on her which had the desired result-not in a nasty way you understand but just not letting her get away with anything. the end result was actually very pleasing and she seemed to learn a lot so it will be interesting to see how she rides the riding school horses next week.

Today was not so great. the general manager was off today as was the lady that normal organises on Sunday and as I'm normally away it reminded me off the old days when i was here originally. So we were busy with lessons anyway and I spent most of my day in the school teaching which I really enjoyed as had really nice clients all day. However there were a few people that turned up that weren't booked in so trying to find them horses and instructors when we were busy anyway and down an instructor didn't make it easy. then in the afternoon one of the staff was ill so we were then down another member of staff so a few people had to do extra lessons but we managed and all in all it was a very successful day where everyone pulled together.

My friends new horse arrived at the yrd today and what a pretty mare she is. She's been off having foals for a few years so she should be a nice project for Claire and I wish her every success with her.

Day off tomorrow but as ever I still have things to do. Have to finish off sorting out the stuff at the yard where Steve was, going to see my puppy which I bought during the week and having a lesson with someone who used to teach me before I went back and having the dressage saddle fitted. Hmmmm sounds a bit busy for a day off for me. The puppy is from a scurry driving friend's dog. He is currrently 2 weeks old so I will have to wait a bit but am very excited as he opened his eyes today. Looking forward to my lesson tomorrow should be really good last time she saw him I had only had him down for a week so i'm hoping she is going to see a big improvement.

right sleep time


Friday, 24 April 2009

I'll try to help......

A very busy morning but just the way I like it keeps the brain ticking. First thing was the usually feeding of the little scurry ponies plus mucking out then obviously Murphy.

At 10 I had a group of the staff who are a really nice group and really seem to want to learn which makes my job so much easier and more interesting. there is nothing most disheartening then teaching people who really aren't in the mood or just don't want to be there. they really are coming on nicely with much more feel and a more developed position thus the horses then go better. Unfortunately there is one student there who feels like she is stuck in a rut and feels like she is just going on but not really there if that makes sense. I'm sure all us horse people have been there at one point or another and still get there ocassionally the trick is just to think right this is how I feel how can I make it better. She also has an exam coming up and is putting a lot of pressure on herself about this. She has done really well considering when she first came to us a couple of years ago she had never been around horses so all credit to her and the effort she has put in. So I am going to help her as much as possible both in relation to her riding etc and herself using my experience from when i felt the same. Am going to give her a lesson on Murphy on sunday after work let her ride a realy nice horse which hopefully will help to get her enthusiasm back.

Murphy was amazing today and feels absolutely super after his physio. Really pleased with the way my riding all of a sudden seems to have gone up a gear I suppose that is the beauty of constant training. Had a super compliment today in the fact that my instructor didn't say much to me all lesson which is always a good sign with her its hwne she's completely on your case that you have to worry. Everything I asked him he did today although we didn't push him to hard becasue of the physio but he just felt so loose and supple.

Then in the afternoon I schooled the little ex show cob and boy is he really coming on and is now loving his long and low work and boy is he beginning to show me his movement. He finds it very difficult on the left to both stretch and bend but he is getting there and I hear that he has always been stiffer that way. Fingers crossed I can help him along the way and put him in a better position so that he can work better and improve his muscle development-slowly but surely never to press too much.

Right I better go have a quick shower then off to the pub for my shift.


Thursday, 23 April 2009

good couple of days. Murphy was fairly lively on our short 'relaxing' hack today and felt really good in himself after his physio on Tuesday. Mine is next on the cards I think after all no good having the horse sorted if the rider isn't quite right!

The little ex show cob went well all things considered on wednesday. Worked loads on getting him to take the rein down into a long and low position which really seemed to work and just kept him down there for the while session as the little horse really seemed to like it once he trusted himself to stay there-bless him.

Saw my friend tonight. it was really nice to see her although must say I wasn't the best company due to the start of a migraine!!! Glad she is beginning to seem a bit like her normal self again sometimes all you can do as a friend is to just be there.

Right off to bed early night see if I can sleep this migrain off.


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Thinking too much??????

Half day today so went to see a friends mum who is unfortunately in hospital awaiting an operation tomorrow so my thoughts are with her both now and tomorrow. It's a horrible time so keep everything crossed that all goes to plan. Hope to see you back on your feet asap mummy lots of love. xxx

Super lesson today on Murphy. We were working on hos rythmn and balance in his jumping so set up a little exercise of poles and fences. the height is irrelevant as I know the height isn't an issue with him so it really is a case of improving between the fences. by the end of todays lesson he really was so on his hocks with a canter to die for. We are going to try to get his last doubles clears at novice and discovery to qualify for the second rounds so hard work ahead. He then had the physio and just has a few bits that need a little attention just a few tight spots so he really will be moving well soon. So day off for him tomorrow and then a gentle hack on thursday. So tomorrow I will be riding the little ex show cob which I really enjoy riding as there is usually such an improvement from the beginning to end.

A little emotional today not really sure why just think sometimes I allow my brain a little too much free rein which isn't the best plan as then I tend to think to much and dwell on things of the past and also the present and future. Ah well least I know the brain still works.


Monday, 20 April 2009

Didn't surface till 1:30 today super lie in that I was in much need of. I woke around 9:30 with a massive headche (self induced) after a lovely meal and then down the pub with some friends.

Steven went home today he was picked up this afternoon and after some sedaline went up really well into the box and am just waiting to hear if he arrived safely. Really am going to miss that horse, have had him for a fair while and had begun to go really well before we found out about his injury. He really is going to be a horse for the future. I shed a few tears as the box pulled out knowing that he will not be returning to me but going to a friend of the owners who is local to her.( She lives in Wellingborough!) Still I will go and see him and ride him(hopefully) when he ready to be ridden. Hopefully he will behave for her and again be super under saddle. Am really sad that he has gone but I hope it is the right descision. They have a walker and I really do feel that this is the safer and better option. So fingers crossed it will all go to plan and I will get to ride him again.

Then off I went to see Murphy. We went and saw him quickly when Lyn was down as she also used to own him. She seemed really pleased with the way he is looking which is always good. Sometimes it's difficult when you see a horse everyday to tell how much he has changed but she said he'd changed a lot and all for the better so I am really pleased. I went down to lunge him after just for a short while as he needed a quiet day. He really is moving well but he was a little stiff today apparently he'd had a good old gallop and play when he was turned out this morning so hopefully he'll be fine tomorrow. So he had a short lunge just enough to loosen him off.

Just having quick bit of dinner then off to work in the pub tonight it's actually quite a good laugh.


Sunday, 19 April 2009

A win, a Championship and a broken harness!!!

Well sort of a mix match weekend but the good most certainly outwayed the bad. Had to work most of Friday as we weren't leaving till 5-not great when you have to drive to monmouth and the directions you are given are to the old showground not the new one which you are supposed to be going to. This resulted in driving round a council estate and then country roads on which we had to turn round in the lorry plus the big trailer on the back!! Fun fun fun especially when pitch black-hmmmm good lorry driver me thinks.

We eventually arrived around 10pm so had to set up all the temporary stables on the side on our trailer, sort out 8 ponies, a tent and then eventually have dinner around 11.30! As we are all aware the one time you really want things to be quick and easy they never are and true to form the stables were a little on the difficult side to put up mainly due the unlevel ground but up they went and the ponies were all settled for the night. Bless them they really do cope well with all the chopping and changing and travelling etc. After all that we had a very nice meal actually which Pat kindly cooked for us then I felt after that a little drink was in order then off to bed around 12.30.

Off the alarm went at 6.30!! My body was not in agreement and really felt that it should stay where it was after a 7.30-12.30am working day nd have to say not sure I could blame it. The camp beds aren't that comfy especially with the old injuries that like to occassionally say hello. All the ponies seemed to have travelled well and came out of the stables in the morning all fresh and very bouncy. The first class with the larger ponies was at 12.45. What an excellent class that was for us the course and going really suited our ponies and we had a great draw with our better pair of ponies going second. We won with the Chippendales and then came 4th with Spic and Span so a good morning work all in all. The smalls class was at 4 and after last weeks little scare we had decided to change the pairings round. First in were Chaz and Dave who had never been driven together before not even at home- honestly we must be completely mad who in their right minds would do that but there we go. To be honest that actually did a very nice little round i mean we only took it gently and just cantered them round but they did a nice little clear and we all breathed a sigh of relief. Then we had bright and Breezy with Chaz replecing Dave after he proved that him and Apples(breezy) really didn't get on. This proved to be a much better pairing and they both seemed really happy and were going really well untill the elbow where we came in slightly too fast and couldn't quite make the turn. Never mind they then continued well to finish the course. So although we didn't qualify either of those two pairs for the championship we were all really pleased with the four of them. So these are the parings that shall remain for the season:
The chippendales aka bunny and magic
Spic and Span aka esme and susie
Chaz and Dave aka Dave and Carla
Bright and breezy aka Apples and chaz

Then on to today and the show championship. Again the ponies came out of thier boxes rather lively in the morning for their walk shall we say but then that is usually a good sign. We loaded up as much as we could and took all the temporary stables down so we could go asap so as not to get caught in the traffic leaving the showground. I really do love the shows but sometime it really is just nice to get home. Anyway we had a good draw again with Spic and Span going 4th and the the chippendales going last so again we had our better pair going second. Spic and span did a super clear round probably one of the best rounds they have ever done and finished up 3rd so we are really pleased. Then bunny and magic went in and set off like a rocket unfortunatel we hit the 3rd pair of cones as bill said he was thinking too much about the turn from 3 to 4 so turned slightly early-driver error. They really were very quick and really felt super from the back and even with a ball down which adds 5seconds onto your time they still managed to come 5th!!!! If they had gone clear they would have won as the had the quickest time! however as we slowed down I noticed that something wasn't right so we pulled up and it soon became apparrent that the harness had broken which we assumed must have been after the end as we were pulling up. the ring had come off which attaches the cropper to the front and the trace carriers-not good as we then had harness by the magic's back legs. we took it off anyway and all was fine. Then looking at the pictures after you can clearly see the harness had broken going through either 8 or 9 so we finshed the course it would appear with only half a harness on one pony. it could have been really nasty but luck was on our side-phew!

A very easy journey home sorted out the ponies then home for a very much needed shower!!!! Tonight I have been treated to very nice meal out at a local Italian then we went out to see a couple of friends.

The weekend hasn't allowed me much time for reflection which has been good keeping my mind busy. There were times this weekend when I got a little sad and memories came flooding back of someone who was incredibly special to me a person I really could have seen myself growing old with who had a fatal motorbike accident 6 months ago. Bless him but now I have some super memories which can never ever be taken away from me after all it is better to have loved someone so completly that you would do anything for them and they for you and to have lost them then to have never met someone so incredibly special at all. he is still with me and always will be my own little guardian Mike understands too as had known him for many years so we both help each other along when times are hard. I still miss him terribly but I am never really without him but I still expect him to walk through that door with that cheeky grin on his face and say some cheeky comment!


Thursday, 16 April 2009

So a sort of lie in today (didn't have to be at work till9) due to having to cover one of the instructors and teach untill 9.

Then off to the yard to do my little bit of mucking out then a lesson on Murphy. Good boy today well a little argumentative in places but then he can't be good all the time. Today we had moments of really nice work but then he'd go no can't do it to hard and then go oh ok why not. He's one of those horses you ask a question and he says ok no problem how much do you want just sometimes he goes well actually no i'm not sure I can do that today but in such a polite manner it takes a while to realise what he is doing!! Bless him. Then I had a super teenager who owns one of the working liveries. She actually rode the little horse really well. Think I've written about him before the ex show cob. He now is really beginning to work correctly between the leg and hand and building muscle slowly but surely in the correct places. We have a in house SJ/simulated XC on saturday so she wanted to practice for that and she did superbly considering the little horse really didn't think the XC chair should be in the outdoor school and that the roll top was hiding a horse eating monster. Try persuading a little horse that is of the nervous variety that it really isn't going to eat him even though it has moved!!! Hmmmmm anyways by the end he was jumping it really well after she nearly decided to get off without permission the first time he jumped it.

Had to take a lady out on a 1 1/2hr hack on which I had to ride a little cob that had been off for ages but is now pretty much back in full work. He was always a little strong willed but the time off seems to have said to him that actually he reckons that him being in charge is a super little thing. In the school he behaves impeccably as is also does out hacking inless of course you actuaaly want him to go in front. Now he is not scared he is most definately trying his rider out for size. Anyway it made for a very interesting hack with lots of stopping mid canter and trying to spin round and go home etc. However it did provide a nice bit of entertainment for the rider who I took out who's horse behaved 100% as good old Stanley does.

Couple of hours off then back to the yard. Stevn (the 4yr on box rest) is going back to his owners on monday as they have a horse walker and it is just getting silly trying to walk him in hand. He's in a chiffany and on acp and it is most certainly not working in fact it's a little dangerous. He went up today and ccame down on my arm!!! A little unfortunate me thinks but at least it's just bruised nothing serious but bit scary for a while. We've come to the decison that it would be safer. So it's sad and difficult after all I've seen him through so much and really do think the big fella is going to be super someday you never know once he's back in work i might get him back. Do have a feeling of great sadness that he is going but deep down I realise that it is for the best. :(

So taught till 9pm and actually had great fun teaching. Had a teenage group at 7 which was great fun practising for saturday then adults at 8 where i took their stirrups away and worked on them for a while. I think sometimes we get so into working on how the horse is going that we forget that actually how we do things and the position we are in greatly effects the horse and how it is able to go.

Now its time for bed. Off to Monmouth show this weekned with the driving ponies and we are hoping it'll be successful.

Sad day for me tomorrow some memories I'm sure will come up but as long as I have lots to think about I'm sure it'll all be fine.


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A great day off

Feeling suitably refreshed now having had a day off had forgotten how much I missed having a proper day off never really had them whilst I was freelance afterall when you work for yourself you take the work as and when it comes.

Woke up around 10am but didn't actually surface untill around 11am. Had a very nice breakfast in bed which was a lovely surprise. Not sure it will become a regualr occurance but I can always hope that it will!! :) Have to say it was very nice to be ableto catch up on some sleep. As much as I love doing the shows I am usually shatterred after a weekend away. Normally I would have the monday off which will work well as shows are usually friday till sunday but because it was a bank holiday it ran saturday to monday.

So feeling very refreshed and full of energy off I went down the yard to walk Steven the 4 yr old. He was extremely well behaved considering he has been on box rest for 9 weeks. Just 5mins walking today. Off I went hat, gloves, chiffany and lunge line. He was very good on the first circuit of the yard a little lively but he contained it very well untill we went to do the second lap where at one point he just stopped and lept fly bucking and fly bucking and so on but then after that little episode behaved impecably. Still we shall see what he is like tomorrow i'm pretty sure he is going to get worse before he gets better but there we go he'll be fine and I'm sure it'll all be worth it. Can't wait to get back on him eventually.

Then off to lunch with my friend it was very nice to see her again.. We had a good chat and catch up. I really do enjoy her company and we always manage to have a good laugh. It's a shame we don't see so much of each other anymore.

Murphy was a very good boy today. He was a little excited to be jumping but he contained it well. I'm so pleased with him the fitter he gets the more he tries and his character really is beginning to come out. The work yesterday helped I think as he was really supple today and jumped superbly if not a little exuberantly. I really do think this little horse is going to be super.

Right better go am working in the pub tonight. Still at least I don't have to be in work till 9 tomrrow as am teaching late to cover another instructor so i get a little lie in after a late shift at the pub.


Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A much needed day off tomorrow looking forward to a nice long lie in. Mike's got a day off tomorrow so we might acually get to spend some time together.

Good day today Murphy was super had a flatwork lesson. Really working on getting him coming through his back in the transitions especially from trot to canter. Tried leg yield in the walk with him a little deeper today which really seemed to work and gave me the most super canter. Have to say it took me a little by surprise where did all that power come from??? Still at least it says to me he has most certainly got the ability there. Bless he was a little tired after but definately bounced back and was back to his cheeky self later. They have a course set up in the outdoor school at the moment ready for the competition on saturday so am going to pop him round that tomorrow should be good especially after all the loosening work today.

Going out for lunch tomorrow with a special friend of mine who I used to work with which will be nice. So i'll drive over to where we used to work together and go out for some food. Must keep my hollow legs filled!!!!

Also tomorrow is the day the 4 year old gets to go for his first walk after lots of treatment and 9 weeks in the stable!! Hmm could be rather exciting he is 17.1hh worth of 4yr old warmblood still we shall see. He will either be super chilled and a very good boy or super stallion and misbehave. Still we will see.

Am loving my new job it just feels like coming back home. After all I have known the place for years did all my training there and have done the scurrying for many years there and still taught there a little when was freelance. The horses are mainly working liveries and are of a nice sort and many are actually very talented which is so refreshing for a riding school. I do really enjoy teaching the students as it gives me something to get my teeth into as i see them week in week out and they are all committed. It just keeps me a little happier in my work.

Off to bed now so fingers crossed Steve the 4 yr old will be a good boy tomorrow after all I really do want to go out for lunch mius any broken bones etc!!!!!!!


Monday, 13 April 2009

a mixed show shall we say!?

Home sweet home and a nice hot bath was very much needed this evening had a manic weekend-8 ponies, me, Bill (the driver) and 2 kids=lots of work for me! Bill is 73 so can't really help much around the ponies but does well in the ring to drive 4 pairs of ponies. Usually another lady would come with me but she was unavailable this weekend.

We left friday afternoon and when we got there there was stables to set up, ponies to walk, lorry to clean out, our beds to set up, feed, hay ,water etc so by the time I had finished and we'd actually managed to eat ourselves I was about ready to sleep lots. As soon as my head hit the pillow i was well away in the land of nod! For a while untill the ponies started banging but to be honest I was so tired I was straight back asleep. Up at 7 ready for the new day. The ponies were all lively as I expected the first show of the season and we had two new pairings. The big ponies went first (over 12hh but under 14.2hh). Our better big pair were a little disappointing s they had two cones down but Bill says it was him not quite having his eye in as it was the first proper round he's done since Holland in November. Then the second pair of bigs (spic and span) went in and did a super round to come 2nd in the class which we were extremely pleased with. Well done the girls they were the best they have been for ages so maybe this year will be a turning point for them fingers crossed.

Then the smalls were in the afternoon and well was a little different from the morning class for us. The pairs are both different this year and although we have 3 out of the original 4 small ponies they have all been mixed up. First in were Bright and Breezy with a new Breezy. breezy being the original dave from chaz and dave. Well they were very strong in the warm up. We went through cones 1,2,3 and 4 and then 5 was the box (a U-turn) well we wanted to go left but the ponies had other ideas and turned right into a fence hmm so not the plan then we managed to get out and continued. However we then went down the slalom and had to pull out as bill couldn't stop so we had to retire after i had grabbed one rein and he had the other. Hmmmm so not the plan!!

Chaz and Dave did a nice steady but clear round which was what we wanted so were very pleased with them. So neither pair got into the championship which meant unusually for us we only had one pair in the championship which made for a slighty easier day today.

Really pleased with Spic and Span they came second in the championship what super ponies. Really nice smooth round and the smoother you can keep it the better the time as then you can keep the speed up. It was really nice to get back out and see all scurry driver as I did very few shows last year so I am really looking forward to this season.

Am now home and extremely tired so am off to bed. Wouldn't it be nice to have a magic wand to be able to help those around you when they need you most? Sometimes we don't have the answers and it always happens when we could really do with them so we just have to wait and see as hard as it may seem sometimes it just helps to sit back...........

Friends are the family you choose. x

Friday, 10 April 2009

Very late and just got in from work at the pub still least it allows me to have murphy. Very tired and just have to pack my stuff for the show then bed me thinks!

Everything is now packed and sorted ready for the first scurry show of the season so off to Thame we go tomorrow then competing sunday then fingers crossed the championship on Monday. Always exciting the first show or so the ponies seem to think so we shall see how it all goes. A few pony changes this year one of our fantastic old compainers isn't going as not sound so taking the spare and so have had to rearrange a couple of pairs due to ponies not working well together etc. All 8 are ready and will go out in the morning so as not to disrupt them too much and they'll need a stretch as they won't go out till tuesday. So then just grooming then load them up. So normal morning work shall get the mucking out done then a little teaching ride Murphy lunch and then off we go. Will be nice to see all my scurry friends.

Life has a nasty habit of hurting those you really care about and you (i'm fine). As a friend I feel its very important to be there anytime day or night as they would for me and no it'd not a chore it's something I have always done and always do if you care you do. Chin up my dear big hugs


Thursday, 9 April 2009

Super super day today got loads done!!!

Had a excellent lesson on Murphy who will be officially mine once the cheque has cleared. He passed his 5stage vetting with flying colours yesterday-phew!!! Am so pleased about this really do think he will turn into a super horse if I get it right so now it's up to me. No pressure then?!?!? Anyway back to today we had a jump lesson and he really did do very well and his rythmn and balance are improving day by day shame about his jockey :)

Then I had to start to sort out the lorry and trailers ready for the first scurry show of the season this weekend. Much more of a task than I first realised due to the person who did it last year (as I was unable) didn't put the stuff away properly so all the show stuff was covered in mud and mould!!! Not great considering the last show was in october not the most pleasent of task but am so glad I've made a good headway in it and will finish it all off tomorrow ready for saturday. Harness and traps are now very shiny and all checked for safety etc.

Right only a quick one tonight as off to work in my mum's pub now no rest for the wicked hey but have to pay for Murphy somehow.


Monday, 6 April 2009

A little reflection

Day off today nice to have one haven't had a proper day off in well I can't actually remember-scarily long time. Busy though.

I am still sick chest infection to be correct. Ah well anitibiotics keep warm blah blah blah-not a big fan of doctors/hospitals etc could you guess?

Didn't get up till around 10 very lazy for me. Went down the other yard to do the boy on box rest bless him. He was fed etc for me in the morning so all I had to do was muck out and play with him for a bit as a friend was feeding him and rugging tonight. Very kind of her indeed.

Then I had to pop into the bank and then off to see my very special friend whom I haven't seen for about 10 days. Doesn't sound a lot but when you are used to seeing someone day in day out it is indeed a lot. Was really nice we went for a late lunch and had a good old chin wag putting the worlds to rights and lots laughing always good. Then off to mum's pub for a drink and then back to the station. really do so much miss working with her but again it is something that you cannot dwell on too much I was taught that last year when I very much learnt to live each day as if it was your last! Make the most of the time you spend with people you really care about as you never know what can happen to either you or them life has a funny way of doing things. I am a big believer in all things happen for a reason it may not always be clear why they happen and it may not become apparent for an extremely long time why but there is always a reason. If life has taught me one thing it's to always be grateful for the people around you and the things you are able to do and your health. Last year was an awful year for me but I have survived it and would like to think I have come out of it a better, stronger person. However on that I cannot judge its the people around me who could make that particular judgement. I never truely lived life to the full before but now I try my best. Yes we all have off days course we do we are after all only human but life is something to live do not just let it pass you by it's such a waste. Our time here is afterall only short so surround yourself with people you love and care for and always make sure you have time to see them and if you don't, make time it will be worth it. Even if it is only to sit in each others company it is still time well spent.

Tell people how you feel let them know what they mean to you. Yes sometimes people hurt you but without being there you cannot be hurt and yes its hard but I would rather take that chance and stand to make some very special friends and meet some very special people after all what do you stand to lose really??? I would do anything for my friends and family within my capabilities to help them, keep them happy and be there for them no matter the time or where I am or what I am doing-anything.

Life is a very funny thing but the journey (although it may not always seem like it) is one well worth going on. :)


Sunday, 5 April 2009

poorly poorly sick :(

I don't do ill but I really am poorly poorly sick!! I was meant ot be working in my mum's pub tonight the first night as she opened it with a friend yesterday but am too ill so have been sent to bed and told to stay. however the one good thing is I am being weighted on hand and foot-so there is an advantage to the man!!!! It really is a nice adventure for her and by me working in there we get to spend a bit more time together and I can pay the money back for Murphy if indeed he passes on wednesday which he better.

So the first week has come to an end. It really has been a very enjoyable week made better as I have seen people that I haven't seen for a few years and taught a few people who I used to teach when I was there originally!!! Scary how much the children have grown and come on in those few years makes me feel old even thought I am only 23 myself!

It's still a bit emotional on occassions when I have time to think 'I would be doing this at the moment if I were still freelance' but then it goes from my head and off I go back to loving what I am doing. There is just one very special person that I wish I was still working with that had made the last year very enjoyable indeed but then we will still see each other-looking forward to tomorrow my dear.

Only a short post tonight as am off to bed and thats where I am staying!


Saturday, 4 April 2009

Time for..........

Time for a little catch up me thinks! What a week it has been. Least I know I've made the right decision I mean there's a lot I miss about being freelance. The people I worked with were great and a few special friends that I miss as I enjoyed working with them very much.

I've had super lesson all week. 3 on Murphy and 1 on another. Murphy really has been fantastic we had a flat lesson tues and wed and he really began to work through his back correctly and softly into the bridle. Then on Thursday we had a jump lesson with Robert Pickles working on gridwork which really helped him and he even started to jump the fences at a normal height as opposed to majorly over jumping. Then I rode this little coloured cob yesterday I think he's an ex show cob. He tends to work very much behind the vertical and doesn't go into the contact very well. However yesterday he really came up through his shoulders and worked very nicely indeed into a contact I really was so pleased with him and he is such a willing little horse and a pleasure to ride and school fingers crossed I will be able to ride him more as he would be a super little project.

However on a down point this cold really does appear to not be going away and seems to be getting worse. I'm thinking I might go to the doctors on Monday as am bit worried that it may be turning into a chest infection. I rarely get ill but this really has knocked me for six but still it could always be worse and a cold at the end of the day is just a cold. I'm not the most sympathetic person in the world when it comes to illness so I am just the same about myself which sometimes does me no favours as it then tends to get worse and either I'm forced to take time off or if not it always gets a lot worse before it gets better. I hate feeling like this as I like to be a very happy bouncy person but at the moment although I am happy and bouncy it is only a small percentage so I'm operating on half cylinders.

Right last day of working week tomorrow and then my first proper day off in goodness knows how long on monday. excellent news.

Time for bed me thinks......


Friday, 3 April 2009

having fun oh and a stupid cold

Well I'm having great fun at the new job. Being kept very busy but thats the way I like it I hate having too much time on my hands never does me any good.

So this week has been full of lots of teaching and some super lessons. Murphy has been on his best behaviour all week and everybody seems to like him-always helpful. He's really beginning to come on even in only a week and slowly is beginning to understand that working over his back correctly is a much easier way of doing things. Bless him. Good news on his front though have managed to raise the money together so he is being vetted on wednesday so keeping everything crossed that all will go to plan but you just never know with horses.

I'm now very sick though with this stupid cold thats going around however it is only a cold and so working through it is always a good plan out in the fresh air. But I do feel down right rubbish, have temperature, sore throat(never good for lots of teaching), achey headache etc Ah well it is only a cold so never mind.

So due to cold only a short post tonight but will catch up tomorrow on the first week.