Wednesday, 26 August 2009

i'm back

So I am back from the most fanastic time in poland just wish we could have gone for a little longer. The weather was fab apart from cross country day where there was a little rain and wind so proper XC weather. Will have pics up soon as soon as I get a chance to look through them and sort them all out.

It really was a privilege to be able to accompany my very special friend to her family and friends where I was made to feel very welcome and part of the family.

got a few things on my little old mind will finish writing tomorrow


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

poland here i come

So it's been a while simply because I've been hugely busy.

Murphy is still on box rest but hopefully will be sound when the vet looks at him next thursday really would be super then we can start his recupperation. We shall see. He's lost all his muscle but seems to be coping well with all this box rest but we do have a no kids to handle rule as he is known to throw a leg out at the moment randomly-poor boy. His knee seems to have less heat in it now but I am slightly concerned about the fact that a bit of swelling keeps appearing than disappearing and so on and so on.

Am still loving riding Jack and he really seems to be coming on nicely. he's developing a lot more correct muscle and is really beginning to come through his back now and consiquently is jumping better too not so many poles being dropped. He is pretty much the same to jump as Murphy so is keeping my eye in nicely ready for that super day when I can jump my boy again.

Dash is getting bigger and bigger and really is turning into a super little dog and seems to be loving going to the shows with the scurry ponies. We now have 2 pairs qualified for the national championships and thaat grey is doing super well. there's always another chapter to the story where that little pony is concerned a bit like a cat with 9 lives bless him. Hopefully Bill will qualify them for Newbury at the show on Wednesday.

Am off to Poland tomorrow with a friend of mine to watch the World cup eventing finals which should be fantastic and am really looking forward to it. It has come at a time when I could really use a break from work and just chill for a bit so this week has super timing. Will be really nice to have some time to watch professionals who are at the top of their game gain some tips etc. so really ought to start packing!!! My friend is on her way to me now so we will set off early tomorrow to get the train then fly-the two things that actually I'm both scared of so time to conquer those fears. Strange fears really if you consider I will get on a unbacked horse but am scared on flyng a trains!!!! Well we shall see.

Right will write when I get back can't wait will take loads of pictures and will try to post some up here.

Dash is off to stay with his mum and brother at my friends house and will also be off to the shows without me. Will miss him loads but I'm sure he'll have a great time. Am also going to miss Murphy loads and have left the girls a huge long list about him-poor people. I'm sure they are more tahn capable but it just makes me feel a little better. So good luck to Bill and the ponies at the few shows that they are off to without me hopefully I will come back to more ponies that have qualified.

Will miss mike but I'm sure he'll cope and has a few boys nights out planned. xxx

right packing i suppose not my favourite thing.

write soon