Sunday, 27 December 2009

a very merry xmas and a question

I hope everybody had a super Christmas and enjoyed it all and got everything you could have wished for.

I myself had a super Christmas I spent Xmas day with my family and boxing day with mike as he was unfortunately on duty on Xmas day but it did mean i greedily got 2 Xmas days!!! Had a fantastic day with the family my nan has come down and really finishes off the Xmas spirit as she really is a super person to have around always so down to earth but yet loves to see you living your dreams but is always there to talk to about anything. I have been very lucky this year and have had some super gifts so thank you to everyone clients, friends and family it is so much appreciated and I hope you all liked yours. Little dash was hilarious opening his own presents and is currently munching on a bone my sister bought him that is bigger than he is funny sight. I now have lots of nice new clothes that actually fit me rather than being too big and some super warm mega long thermal socks-cheers Santa!!!! wore a pair today and can honestly say my feet stayed lovely and toastie warm all day. We had a very nice day. I went down the yard and did the horses then back home for some breakfast opening of the stockings then bath and change. We opened a few present then went down to mum's pub for an hour then came back opened a few more presents. We then had a super Xmas dinner cooked superbly by mum and nan. Then with some very full stomachs we finished opening presents. for me Xmas is a family affair with even my other sister joining us and I cannot imagine what it must be like for those that are separated from their loved ones at Xmas i really do feel for you my dear. We then spent the rest of the day just relaxing watching some very easy to watch TV and having a few drinks. All in all a super day with lots of fun and family giggles and love. Mike then picked me up very late on the way back from work in a slightly merry state.

Boxing day I woke to a super coffee in bed that was followed by breakfast in bed with a difference. Mike had bought me the most unbelievable Xmas present and just proves how romantic my super super man is. I had a full breakfast plus a very romantic gesture. Mike gave me my breakfast knelt on one knee opened a little box and popped that question that every woman wants to hear from her loved one. The most super ring wishbone with 3 sapphires and 2 diamonds in it!!! Made me feel so so special I have however not given him an answer yet I love him unbelievably and would move the earth for him and he is the most amazing person who has stuck by me when many people would have run but yet something has stopped me from uttering that word that he would so have loved. However I have not said no and am seriously considering it if I could just put my finger on what it is that is stopping me saying that word and what is giving me these doubts. Wish they would go away. Love him unconditionally. xxxx


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