Wednesday, 23 December 2009

poor sumrph

I have to say I am loving everyones Christmas spirit this year, how everyone is pulling together and helping each other out through all this bad weather we are having.

Smurph is hopping lame again whether he has slipped or what I do not know but he is most definately lame on the left fore again. Slightly worrying there is no heat, swelling or excessive pulse which may seem like a good thing but he had none of that when he did his palma carpal ligaments before which does make me worry. I was kind of hoping it was ous in the foot but with no heat or pulse it seems very unlikely. I was unable to get hold of my vet today and the vet that was at the yard this afternoon had a quick look without getting him out of the stable said he didn't know but to do what I had originally thought which is to keep him on strict box rest, ice on the knee in case, bandages and bute for a few days and then have another look and assess and hopefully will be able to get in contact with him and luckly he is the vet on call over xmas. Fingers crossed it is something very simple but my gut is not saying so-sometimes gut feelings can be wrong-right?????

There is nothing more worrying than when you see your beloved horse who you adore and have spent so much time with trying to get him sound for so long get him fit and happy walking across to you obviously in so much pain. He is most definately lame and very lame at that even in walk-not great really. he is feeling very sorry for himself not even trying to bite when having rugs put on. the worrying thing for me is that the knee looks a little unstable i.e. the locking mechanism is not working properly but we shall see for now i shall do my best to keep him comfortable and happy.

I on the other hand am still feeling better than I have been if not a little tired but then that will have to be expected for a while.

had great fun tonight trying to wrap Xmas presents whilst being helped by the little puppy-hmm interesting experience indeed!!!!!


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