Monday, 7 December 2009

definately a bonus

not really sure where to start tonight have to say but am hoping that by starting to write it might all become clear and can hopefully get it down mainly for the very selfish reason that i need to try to work it out in my head.

so smurph was super today we did a little bit of long reining in the rain and have to say am really pleased with the way he is looking and beginning to carry himself naturally and is certainly getting stronger especially in the hind leg which is pleasing as this is where he is naturally weak due to conformation being a little straigh through the hock. He is also getting fitter which is becomming very clear so am going to up his work load slightly and see how he copes. the vet is back out on thursday for what i hope will be to sign him off and just to come back and see him once he is in full work. Looking forward to thurssday as am having my first lesson on him since april will be good to see what adam thinks.

So onto the rest of the day. Had an appointment this morning which has lead unfortunately to some not so great news and a great deal of stress for me. really thought it was all sorted but obviously it was not to be and the annoying thing for me being a control freak is that i cannot control it in anyway what so ever. It is a super stressful time and there is nothing i can do but keep everything crossed and try not to get myself to down about it all after all everday is a bonus!

cant write much more tonight so will try again in the morning


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