Monday, 21 December 2009

next year?!

So Christmas is so nearly here and it really is beginning to feel like it with all that snow outside. It really is a beautiful sight but do have to say am so very glad I was working in the pub today as I could admire it from the warm sat near the open fire that also makes it feel very much like the holiday season. It also allowed me to have snow ball fights with some of the customers that are also friends of mine and then go and warm up striaght away. It's something about this weather that brings out the kid in us all and how much fun it is to feel like a kid something we really don't appreciate whilst we are young and carefree. however did have to walk home as was not driving my little car home in this weather. Have to say actually quite enjoyed it there's certainly something very therapeutic walking home in the dark apart from its not quite dark because its snowing on your own with just your thoughts. So will walk back tomorrow to pick up the car and hopefully go and finish my xmas shopping otherwise there will be a severe lacking of presents under our tree!!!!!!

Feeling loads better today still tired but loads better in myself even managed to much out Smurph myself although not Tom felt one was enough for today. Tom is doing well got kicked in the field the other day and had to have staples but is having them out on wednesday fingers crossed but really like the way the wound is healing and he is still sound despite it. Smurph certainly enjoyed being out yesterday and today although only made it for one hour yesterday before turing himself inside out although today was a little better after giving me heart failure with a massive leap and a buck-something those spanish stallions all would be proud of!!!!!!! At least we know he is most definately feeling well and the leg is showing no signs of any issues what so ever so fingers crossed it will stay that way. Friend of mine that has been riding him says he feels super and so much stronger and more flexible so I think I'll take that as a compliment.

Have so much enjoyed watching olympia this week and although I usually go it has been quite nice to watch it in the warm without having to worry about getting back in this terrible weather. What exciting young horses britain have for the future who have all been brought on so well by their riders would be nice to think one day I may well have horses like this-we can all dream can't we?! Sometimes I wonder is going to work for someone fulll time might help a little but the truth is I like the struggle of a freelance instructor and love meeting all the different people well we shall see. Am going to look for some more rides for next year so if anyone has any ideas or even a very long shot or knows of horses that need riding please do not hesitate to contact me it would be so much appreciated mean while I shall continue to work as hard as I possibly can and learn as much as is humanly possible in the hope that one day someone may take a chance on me. After all we all deserve a lucky break don't we? Was once told told ' you make your own luck' and 'if you want something enough you'll make it happen'. These are what I try to live my life by by working as hard as I can everyday and do my best in everything. So lets try to make next year my year the year things really crack on for me-everything crossed.

Off to watch the rest of olympia.


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