Sunday, 6 December 2009

everyday is a bonus

Have had the most manic fews weeks I could possibly imagine! So much so that I actually had to turn down work to give myself any sort of time of that I was so much in need of. However busy is good and so may it continue.

Smurph is doing so well and is now cantering and can honestly say that he is enjoying it very much and have now had a few sit tight moments but it is actually fairly nice as it seems as if it is just because he is enjoying being back in work. The physio saw him last friday and was very pleased with him and although he had a few little bits of stiffness which is to be expected he was in pretty good shape so fingers crossed long may it continue.

have to say am not all that impressed with this current bit of weather we are having definately on my christmas wish list this year is an indoor school that follows me around so i never have to get as soaking wet as i have in the last couple of weeks!!!!!!!!! I am however impressed with the amount of clients that are still turning up and wanting lessons- some people are really commited and are even booking lessons at a crazy 7:30am!!!!!

Have come to the conclusion you need to live everyday like it is your last as you never know what might happen and that nothing is a given after all we are all living on borrowed time and everyday is a bonus! few things on my mind but sure its nothing to worry about.
my tunes for the evening.


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