Monday, 22 February 2010

rest time

Rode Tom in the school today and although he still feels weak he does feel stronger than he did a few weeks ago. Did some basci schooling today in walk and trot really working on his balance and straightness and getting hind legs to push underneath him rather than out behind thus not being so on the forehand. Was really pleased with him by the end today. He came out a little on forehand with a tendency to rush but ended with him in a rythmn and balance and not somuch on his forehand. A pleasing ride.

On the otherhand had a chat with my vet about smurph today and we have decided that we are going to turn him away for 6months to a year. Am a little upset aboutt his but still it is his best chance. We had 2 options either i got on and rode him in walk and seen what happened or i turn him out for a long period of time to give him time to heal naturally. We opted for the second as we really have tried everything else. it has been nearly 6weeks since the cortisone injections so would be about now that they would begin to wear off which it would appear they are as he is coming out sometimes sound, sometimes stiff and sometimes lame. However it is not day to day but rather hour to hour but has no relevance to what he has done previous. So we will turn him out asap as soon as i can find somewhere and look at him in 3months and then see where we go from there so keeping everything crossed. Poor smurph going to be a bit of a culture shock am going to have to rug him very well as he is not an outdoor horse but hopefully it will do him some good mentally as well as physically. I have a place where I would like to keep him at a friend of mine which is just down the road but that really depends on whether she has space. The vet calls smurph a bit of a medical mystery ha ha trust me to have the 'special' horse. We shall see hopefully the parlmar carpal ligaments will finish mending by them selves. if anyone has any info about them it would be most gratefully recieved.

Spent today working in the pub boring as not very busy but now have some work for tomorrow which is usually my day off but did ask for any extra hours so can't complain as need the money -always the same in the equine industry.

Am also on the look out for a loan horse now so if anyone hears of any that would be great.

Time for a bit of pondering.....


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