Sunday, 21 February 2010

come on?!!!

Been a while haven't been quite myself getting back to normal now I think or at least I hope so!!!

The decision I made turned out to be the wrong one but it is now time to put that all behind me and crack on. Smurph is a very lucky pony as should have been put down but we have decided to try subcutaneous cortisone which he had injected about 3 weeks ago. He comes out a little stiff at times dependent on how silly he has been walking in hand but mainly we seem to be getting there and if all goes according to plan I should get on him on tues-can't wait.

Tom is now back in work and doing really well hacking loads and a little in the school. A saddler is coming to fit a jumping saddle to him on wed as we can use my dressage saddle on the flat which seems to fit both smurph and him=phew!!! wxpensive business this is.

Work for me is increasing each and everyday which is super and is keeping me nice and busy and out of trouble but am having to make myself have one day off a week as other wise end up working 7 days a weeks with it being very lucky if it is only a 12 hr day. Still can't complain!!!

Right time to crack on had enough of this floating around business-watch this space!!!!! Time to turn life on it's head in a good way-come on!

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